Location: Tomago Wetlands – Tomago Road, Tomago

Scope of Works:

In recent years The Office of Environment and Heritage have been been making an effort to restore the Tomago Wetlands to the Salt Marsh it once was Pre Newcastle Industry. One of the methods of achieving this is installing culverts floodgates within the channels around the Wetlands.  This allows the tidal water to build up within the wetlands, whilst still allowing rain water back into the system.  This Particular project called for a Double Culvert in one of the Subsidiary Channels.


The job consisted of:

  • Temporarily daming the Channel to allow for dry construction.
  • Creating a solid working base.
  • Installing Double 1500mm Concrete Pipes
  • Creating Concrete Bulk heads to prevent Water migration through Culvert Backfill
  • Installation of Floodgates
  • Concrete to headwall areas.

The major issue associated with these works was keeping the area dry.  This was achieved using steel plates as a dam core and using the sloppy excavated material either side to support it.