Holmes Civil Developments has capabilities in the following areas:

  • Sub Divisions
  • Road Works
  • Construction of Car Parks
  • Construction of Complex Stormwater Structures
  • Civil Structures such as Retaining Walls and Sound Barriers
  • Roads and Bridge Abutments, Freeways, Highways, Urban and Rural
  • Land Development Residential, Commercial and Industrial Subdivisions
  • Water Treatment and Reticulation
  • Sewer Treatment and Reticulation
  • Electricity Distribution
  • Land Improvement
  • Rural Earthworks
  • General Excavation
  • Large Earthworks
  • Building Platforms
  • Dam Construction
  • Environment Remediation

Need help?

If you have a need for construction of either stand-alone civil construction works and developments or works and developments that are a part of a broader project and both minor or major works, than Holmes Civil Developments are able to assist.