Location: Station Street, Whitebridge and Allambee Park, Valentine

Scope of Works:

The Works consisted of constructing a Toilet Pads and the associated surrounding Civil Works including Landscaping at two locations in the Lake Maquarie Area for Council


The job consisted of:

  • Provision of a Traffic Management plan for control, protection and safety of traffic during construction including notifications to and obtaining approvals from Authorities.
  • Erosion and sedimentation control of the Works, including any stockpiles.
  • Site clearing and grubbing
  • Site Earthworks and regrading
  • Concrete Pavement Construction
  • Pipe Drainage and Pit Construction.
  • Water and Sewer reticulation
  • Landscape Works

These projects were very quick little ones even though they contained a number of different construction items within them. Jobs like these range in price from 10k-20k.